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The objective of LSU Procurement is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the administrative, educational and research missions of the University. 

LSU Procurement operates under the Vice President for Finance within Finance & Administration. Procurement policy is based on procedures established by the University in accordance with the Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Commissioner of Administration in the State of Louisiana.

Procurement Help Desks

Title Description Email Phone
Purchasing Help Desk

Assistance re. the procurement of goods, equipment, supplies, bulk commodities, operating and PSC services, and public works projects; as well as intergovernmental and cooperative endeavor agreements.

Note: If invoice/payment related, contact Accounts Payable & Travel at  225-578-2176
Supplier Help Desk

Assistance re. supplier registration, supplier record status and changes, and other related matters.

Note: If banking/payment changes, contact Accounts Payable & Travel at  225-578-2176


Important Updates

Bid Submission Information

All bids must be submitted electronically to LSU Procurement. Bids must be received at the "Return Bid To" email address no later than the due date and time specified in the bid. Formal bids must be emailed to (This email address should be used for bid submissions only). Any formal bids sent directly to the Buyer-of-Record will not be forwarded to the “Return Bid To” email address. 

When submitting electronically, the RFQ number and solicitation title should be listed in the subject line of the email.  An original and redacted copy (if applicable) must be submitted electronically. Hard copies of bids will not be accepted; therefore, they will not be evaluated. 

It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure the bid is received by LSU Procurement by the indicated due date and time. Any delays that may occur in transmission of the bid is the responsibility of the supplier. A bid will be considered late if it is not received at the “Return Bid To” email address by the indicated due date and time. 

The maximum email attachment size accepted is 125 MB. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure bid submission is sized such that it is successfully transmitted and received by LSU. If the bid response is too large to be emailed as one document, the bid must be sent as separate documents. Each submittal should be labeled. (Example – Bid Submittal 1 out of 3 for RFQ-000000XXXX - Title; Bid Submittal 2 out of 3 for RFQ-000000XXXX - Title, etc.). If any submittal is received late, LSU will not consider the late submittal(s). Only the submittal(s) received by the due date and time will be considered. Late bids will not be accepted per LAC 34:XIII.515.B.

Bid Opening Information

Bid openings are held electronically. There are no in-person bid openings. To electronically attend the bid opening, use the below link to register in advance: 

After registering, a confirmation email will be provided containing information about joining the bid opening. 

Bid opening will begin at the scheduled bid opening time.

Requests for bid tabulations and solicitation inquiries should be directed to the Buyer-of-Record listed on the solicitation.


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August 28, 2024
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