Undergraduate Research

Explore your field

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific issue within a field that makes a contribution to the discipline.

Why participate in undeRgraduate research?

Future Career

Define your career goals and solidify your choice of major.


Improve critical thinking skills and that stand out on a résumé.


Build your network through mentorship.

Graduate Studies

Prepare for continuing, graduate or professional school.

How to get started

number one

First, determine your interest.

What do you want to do and learn through research? Your research interests can be related to your major or overlap with another College of Agriculture department or school.

number two

Next, find a faculty mentor.

Check out the research our faculty mentors are conducting. Identify four or five faculty whose research interests you, and reach out them about your interest in research. View our list of undergraduate research faculty advisors.

number three

Secure funding for your project.

Your faculty mentor will help you refine a research question, and write a grant proposal to apply for funding. LSU and College of Agriculture have many opportunities for funding and guided research projects.


Funding Opportunities

There are many competitive undergraduate research grant opportunities available to students in the College of Agriculture. Once you have your research topic defined and your faculty selected, discuss funding opportunities with them.

Previous Projects

Animal sciences mets biological engineering through Ashton Dalton’s undergraduate research project.

Sarah Tarver is a plant and soil system major researching southern blight in industrial hemp.

Katie Miranda, natural ecology and management major, is working with populations of wood duck ducklings.

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