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Advance Your Teaching Career

Unlock new teaching opportunities with our Dual Enrollment-aligned Graduate Certificate and Master’s Programs.

Complete 18 graduate hours of content coursework to help meet SACS-COC’s dual enrollment instructor credentialing guidelines.


We support STEM education and college readiness initiatives…

We focus on career and college readiness for high school students as well as incoming LSU students. Read about our mission and get to know us and how we make a difference.

…for PK–12 School Administrators

Our professional development programs help teachers deliver STEM courses. These programs are divided into three categories, each offering unique advantages, costs, eligibility criteria, and school/district level commitments. Explore our offerings and take your educational institution to new heights!

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…for PK–12 Teachers

Elevate your classroom with our STEM content modules, bringing a wealth of STEM opportunities to your students. Empower them to earn credits towards a STEM seal on their diploma, increasing their eligibility for LSU scholarships. Let our comprehensive summer trainings, valuable materials, and continuous support be your guiding companion throughout this rewarding journey. 

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Open the doors of opportunity for your students by enabling them to take LSU courses right from your classroom. Empower them to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously, setting them on a path towards success. Lead the way as an LSU course facilitator, equipped with essential skills to guide and inspire your students through our summer training program.

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Enhance the quality of science and mathematics education in your classroom with a QSM grant. Receive annual funding up to $1,000 (PK–2), $1,500 (3rd–5th), and $2,000 (6th–12th) to purchase re-usable educational materials and equipment.

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Computer science education is a vital pathway for students in the 21st century, providing unparalleled opportunities. However, many students currently face limited access to quality CS courses. Bridge this gap and ensure equal opportunities for all your students. Explore our upcoming workshops and discover the world of computer science together.

Reach out for more information: code-org@lsu.edu

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…for 6th–12th grade students

Be a part of the LSU Math Circle Competition Team (MCCT)! Compete in regional and national math competitions like AMC, AIME, and Purple Comet Math Meet. Explore the fascinating realm of math, challenge yourself, and unleash your potential with MCCT at LSU. We welcome all 7th–12th graders, whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just beginning your math journey.

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Each year, the Louisiana High School Rally Association hosts the State Rally, a highly anticipated event. Louisiana High School students actively compete in various open events, including three foreign languages, music, speech, theater, and written tests across 46 diverse areas. Qualifying for State Rally at LSU is achieved through district rally victories. 

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High School Summer Academy
Explore a wide array of captivating two-week day and residential camps designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in STEM fields. Immerse yourself in the vibrant college life of LSU and experience the endless possibilities that await you. 
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Pre-College Programs
Embark on an exhilarating journey through an array of captivating STEM subjects offered by diverse departments across our campus. Dive into hands-on projects that encourage active participation and foster collaboration with like-minded peers. Explore intriguing topics rarely encountered in high school classrooms.

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Virtual Math Circle Research Opportunities
Attention all 6th–12th graders! Enroll in our immersive virtual summer camp for an exhilarating three-week experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of mathematics under the expert guidance of LSU professors and graduate students. Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration and expand your mathematical horizons like never before.

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Enroll in our FREE college preparatory program now! Eligible 9th–12th graders can take advantage of tutoring, academic counseling, college and career counseling, social and cultural enrichment, and exciting college campus visits. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to shape your future! Join us today!

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…for incoming first-year LSU students

Boost your chances of graduating on time by taking higher level mathematics courses as a first-year student. We provide a short-term asynchronous virtual camp designed to help you refresh your math skills and improve your performance on the ALEKS PPL assessment.

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