Staff Handbook Introduction

The Staff Handbook is a basic reference concerning policies, procedures, privileges and opportunities, and obligations and responsibilities affecting employees of Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. Intended as a convenient guide, this handbook does not contain every policy and has only excerpts from others. Complete information from the actual policy documents is located on the LSU* website, These include the following:

  • Bylaws and Regulations of the Board of Supervisors: Comprehensive policies concerning the entire LSU System.
  • Permanent Memoranda: Policies concerning the various campuses in the LSU System, issued by the Office of the President.
  • Policy Statements: The official governance documents for the University administration and faculty, issued by the Office of the Chancellor.
  • LSU General Catalog: Policies and descriptions concerning the University’s structure and academic programs, including policies and programs of the Graduate School.
  • Finance & Administrative Services Operating Procedures: Policies governing the conduct of University business activities, issued by the Office of Finance & Administrative Services. 
    Information contained in the Staff Handbook does not create any contractual rights for University employees. This handbook neither incorporates nor adopts the Constitution and Bylaws of the Staff Senate.

Policies contained in this handbook do not increase or diminish the legally enforceable rights of the University and its employees. The misapplication or failure to follow any specific provision in this handbook should not be grounds for setting aside or modifying any employment decision when it has been determined by appropriate administrative authority that the decision was fairly made and is in the best interest of the University.

Because the University is the initiator of change and is also subject to various external legal and regulatory forces requiring change, the information in this Staff Handbook will be revised as the University determines that conditions warrant.

*All references in this publication to “Louisiana  State University,” “LSU,” or “the University” are to be understood as meaning  the institution in Baton Rouge (the official name of which is Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, Baton Rouge). Any reference to the LSU System or to any other institution within the System is clearly indicated.