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Your identity should belong to you and only you! LSU recognizes the exponential increase in fraud and scams as your digital footprint expands, and the vulnerabilities that result from having sensitive personal information exposed. 

LSU partners with IdentityForce who not only proactively monitors the Dark Web, credit reports, and real-time fraud issues, but can help you fix any compromises to your personal information - all without the hassle of making phone calls, completing paperwork, and all the heavy lifting needed to make sure your identity is restored! You can enroll, change, or cancel at any time during the year.

LSU offers two plans for employees to protect their privacy and security:

UltraSecure ID includes smart SSN tracker and monitoring services like advanced fraud, bank and credit card, and social media activity. It also includes credit reporting from 1 credit bureau and a $1 million identity theft and recovery insurance policy.

UltraSecure Premium provides all the benefit of UltraSecure ID plus features like online PC protection tools, mobile attack control, and ransomware and social engineering expense reimbursement. It also includes credit reporting from all 3 credit bureaus and a $2 million identity theft and recovery insurance policy.

Premium Rates

Monthly Premium (12-month employee)

Coverage Plan UltraSecure ID UltraSecure Premium 
Employee Only $5.98 $7.96
Employee + Spouse $11.98 $14.96
Employee + Child(ren) $5.98 $7.96
Employee + Family $11.98 $14.96

Child(ren) coverage, up to age 26, is included with both plans at no additional cost! 



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Identity Protection and dependents can be enrolled, changed, or cancelled at any time.

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