Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are solutions to some of the more frequently asked questions regard Annual Mandatory Trainings.

You'll need to close your current browser and reopen the training. After closing and reopening your browser, the error message should go away. You can access the training again by logging into Moodle or visiting the Mandatory Employee Training page.

*Note: Closing your browser does not affect your saved progress. Any progress you've made within the course saves automatically in Moodle. 

All participants of the trainings are listed/enrolled as students, regardless of employment status with LSU. The only other primary role within the course aside from students are instructors, which is reserved for the course admins.

If you still have a red lock on your certificate or final assessment, it means you still have incomplete activities* within your course.

Clicking on the red lock will give you a list of any items that haven't been completed. Additionally, each item listed in purple is hyperlinked to that activity, so you can just click on the item directly and it should take you to whatever needs to be completed.

*Note: The activities include the book resource located in the Course Overview (the welcome page or the very first page when opening the course). Module 1 of the Power-based Violence Prevention & Response is locked until a participant views all the chapters in the book resource located in the Course Overview.

screenshot in Moodle of a locked final assessment due to incomplete activities

Some items, like your certificate of completion, need to be manually marked as complete in the course. You can do this by clicking the greyed out check mark on the certificate in the course. Doing this should bring you to 100% completion within the course, so long as you've completed all other activities.

screenshot in Moodle of certificate not marked complete