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Transferring from Another U.S. School

If you are currently attending another U.S. school as an F-1 student or are on Optional Practical Training (OPT), you are considered a SEVIS Immigration transfer. (This SEVIS transfer is not related to any previously earned academic credits that you would like to transfer to LSU.)

Note: If you have been outside the United States for less than five (5) months after attending another U.S. school, you also may be considered a SEVIS transfer. If you have questions regarding this possibility, please e-mail

After you are officially admitted to Louisiana State University and International Services determines that you meet the qualifications for an LSU I-20 Certificate of Eligibility, you will be provided with a SEVIS transfer-in form that you and your current/previous school’s international advisor will need to complete.

It is your responsibility to request the SEVIS transfer from your current/previous school to LSU after you have received the transfer-in form from LSU’s International Services.

Note: If your SEVIS record is transferred and released to LSU before you are officially admitted or before it is determined that you qualify for an LSU I-20, you could have a problem as your SEVIS record will be "stuck" at the wrong school. Also, your current/previous school needs to receive the transfer-in form to ensure that your SEVIS record is transferred to the correct LSU campus.

LSU’s International Services will process an LSU I-20 for you after we receive your completed transfer-in form and your SEVIS record has been electronically transferred and released to us by your current/previous school’s international office.

Please be aware that U.S. Immigration regulations state that:

  1. The SEVIS transfer must occur within the 60-day grace period after you have completed your program of study (or your OPT EAD expiration date), AND
  2. Your LSU enrollment must occur within five months (150 days) of your last class enrollment at your previous U.S. school (or end of OPT), or at the next available session (if you are not eligible for a summer vacation period).