Master Plan Appendices 

A. Master Plan Final Presentation

B. Academic Space Study Findings

C. Administrative & Support Space Study Findings

D. Buildings Portfolio Solutions (Facilities Assessment) Findings

E. Design Guidelines

F. Site & Landscape Standards

G. Stormwater Study Findings & Stormwater Solutions

H. Dining Study Findings

I. Wayfinding & Signage Supplementary Documents

J. Strategic Capital Plan Worksheet & Project Groups

K. Short-Term Transit Recommendations

L. Mobility Component Implementation Matrix

M. Humanities and Social Sciences Study

N. Campus Utilities Assessment Findings

P. Roadway Naming Modernization Plan

We are currently in the process of remediating our planning documents to create accessible versions. This process is on-going. Due to the large number of plans involved, it will likely take several years to complete. If you are attempting to access a document that is not currently in an accessible format, please contact Amy Loe at or 225-578-5902 and our office will provide you with assistance.