A Vote for Students

Student Government elections are held each Fall and Spring semester. The Fall election includes positions on the Legislative Branch (or Student Senate). In the Spring, elections are held for the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, College Council officers, and the Student Senate. 


student senate leaders confer behind desk

Spring 2024 Elections

Important Deadlines

Week 0

  • January 16th: Private recruitment of staff

Week 1

  • January 29th: Community contact, election information session
  • February 1st: Interest meeting 5:00
  • Passive Campaign Period begins.
  • Publicity event #1 Jan 31st at 12:30

Week 2

  • February 5th: Publicity event #2 exact date tba
  • Referenda due on February 9th

Week 3

  • February 19th: Registration of ticket names begins, pre-filing begins, and informational meetings are held
  • February 20th: Pre-filing ends, last day for informational meetings
  • February 21st: Filing begins
  • February 26th: Filing ends

Week 4

  • February 26th: Candidate validation
  • March 1st: Candidate validation ends

Week 5

  • March 4th: Candidate meetings
  • March 8th: Deadline for the submission of any ballot measure, deadline for tickets to register.

Week 6

  • March 18th: Active campaigning begins. The Election Commission hosted debate.

  • March 21st-22nd: Election Day

  • March 22nd: Active campaigning concludes

  • March 25th: Financial form deadline

    March 27th: Deadline for complaints to be filed and preliminary results announced

Learn more below about positions available to run and vote for and how to qualify to get on the ballot.

Student Body President

Student Body Vice President

Student Senate Seats

College Councils Seats:

  • Each Senior College has a college council including the law school and vet school. Each college council has three offices, all of which are up for election in Spring 2023.
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer

To hold a position in Student Government, a student must meet the minimum qualifications listed in the Student Organization Handbook provided by LSU Campus Life:

  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time; graduate students must be enrolled at least part-time (with 6 hours).
  • Undergraduate students and Vet school students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; other graduate and professional students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and be in good standing with the University.
  • Students on Disciplinary Probation with Restriction, Deferred Suspension, Interim Suspension, and Suspension are ineligible to hold an RSO leadership position, regardless of their length of time in the position – or length of time remaining in the position.
    • This includes newly elected officers, as well as continuing officers. Student leaders issued an outcome with Disciplinary Probation with Restriction must step down immediately from their position.
    • Students who are on Disciplinary Probation without restriction are eligible to hold a position of leadership in an RSO.
  • Students must meet all other academic standards established by the RSO that are included in the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws.
  • Graduating seniors who are not registered as full-time students may still hold office in a RSO during the semester in which they are scheduled to graduate. 

In order to register to run for an office in the Spring 2023 election, you must complete a registration form available via Tigerlink.

Registration forms will be made available approximately three weeks prior to the election for a six-day period known as the “Registration Period”.

After the initial three class days of the registration period, the Chair of the Election Commission shall publish a list of individuals correctly registered. Any individual who incorrectly registered in the initial three class days may reregister.

  • If a student files in the initial three-day window and is deemed qualified, they are not required to refile.

After registration, but before the beginning of the campaign period, at least one official candidate meeting must be held for any student registered to run for an elected position.

  • Notice of the date, time, and location of any candidate meeting(s) must be sent via email to each registered candidate.
  • In order to be eligible for the election, each candidate must physically or virtually attend an official candidate meeting.
  • Current officeholders do not have to attend a candidate meeting if they are seeking re-election in the office they currently hold.

How to Vote

Fall 2023 Election ballots will be available via TigerLink.

Step 1

Log in to TigerLink with your myLSU credentials.

Log in to TigerLink


Step 2

Set up an individual account.

Skip this step if you already have a TigerLink account.

Step 3

Vote in the election titled, “Spring 2023 Student Government General Election.”

Step 4

Voting in the general election takes place on Tigerlink from 7:30 a.m. on Thursday to 4:30 p.m. on Friday of election week.


About the Commission

The Election Commission is an impartial body of five (5) students chaired by the Chair of the Election Commission to ensure honest elections, which are fair to all involved.

Students on the Election Commission must remain neutral regarding all Student Government Elections.

Members of the Election Commission:

  • Kennedy Dorr, Chair
  • Alli Desselles, Vice Chair
  • Nathan Begeal, Commissioner of Finance
  • Carin Kelly, Commissioner of Communications
  • Bryce Perkins, Commissioner of Administration

If you have questions, please email Kennedy Dorr, Chair of the Election Commission, at sgelections@lsu.edu.