Why apply?

Joining the Student Government means leaving an impact on the lives of students. Should any vacancies or new positions be opened, opportunities to get involved will be shared here.

Legislative Branch Applications

Student Senate Vacancies

Vacancies applications are now closed.

Throughout the year, a senate seat may become vacant due to a lack of candidates in an election or due to the resignation of a current student senator. When there is a vacancy, any currently enrolled, full-time time student admitted to their respective senior college may apply for that vacancy.

Please refer to the Roster page, or the LSU Senate Instagram to see if your senior college has a vacancy available to fill.


How to Apply

Click the link below to fill out an application.  

Apply to Student Senate

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Legislative Staff Vacancies

All staff vacancies are now closed.

Members of the Legislative Staff assist the Student Senate by helping ensure a smooth and efficient legislative process. Students do not need to be elected to hold these positions; any currently enrolled, full-time time student may apply for any of the vacant staff positions. These positions include Secretary, Undersecretary, and Parliamentarian. 


Executive Branch Applications

Executive Branch Vacancies

The Executive Branch periodically opens positions for those departments in which an officer leaves or a department determined to need additional personnel. 

There are currently no positions open for the Executive Branch in Spring 2023.


How to Apply

Check out our executive branch page for new Executive Branch applications which will open at the beginning of April. 

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Judicial Branch Applications

Judicial Branch Vacancies

The Judicial Branch takes applications on a rolling basis with appointments to the branch being made by the President typically toward semester ends. 


How to Apply

Link to apply coming soon!

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