Psychiatric Services


For some students a combination of therapy and medication treatment may be recommended to address mental health concerns. In order to meet with the psychiatrist at Mental Health Service (MHS), students must be referred by a MHS therapist. Students interested in a referral for psychiatry can discuss options with their current MHS therapist or during an Initial Consultation appointment. 
Students who access psychiatry services at MHS will typically be treated for 1-2 semesters, and then depending on individual circumstances, may be transferred to a community provider. This serves to help decrease wait times for psychiatric referrals at MHS.  
Sometimes a student’s mental health needs require care that is beyond the scope of services at MHS. When that occurs, MHS staff works closely with students to find community resources that better serve their needs. The Student Health Center provides case management services to students who expect to need continued psychiatric care for the duration of their time at LSU. Referral assistance is available to help students connect with mental health providers in the Baton Rouge area with whom they can establish a long-term treatment relationship.  
Students who already have established treatment relationships with community providers are encouraged to continue working with those providers for continuity of care.