Strategic Plan

LSU Launches Strategic Planning Process

students walking in quad

Under the direction of President William F. Tate IV, the university’s strategic planning process has officially begun. This effort will benefit from the current strategic plan and the many that contributed to that document and will develop a cohesive roadmap for the next several years towards a ‘Scholarship First Agenda.’ The strategic planning process will incorporate input and feedback from students, faculty, staff, board of supervisors, alumni and members of the community. It will be informed by the following guiding principles:

  • Collaboration and detailed synchronization
  • Focus and prioritization
  • Deliberate, meaningful, and purposeful
  • Accountable and transparent
  • Shared governance

And the broader purposes of the modern university:

  • To preserve our history and heritage
  • To protect and secure our future

These two purposes are already providing focus and direction of our research efforts across the university and advancing areas of strength in the form of the ‘Scholarship First Agenda.’ The pentagons of research will provide focus, direction, and synergies across disciplines to the greatest benefit of our students and for Louisiana. These areas of focus will be improved and expanded on in strategic planning with full appreciation of our Land, Sea and Space Grant responsibilities and our traditional mission of the Agricultural and Mechanical College. 

Learn more about the Strategic Planning Process and the university's Values and Vision.