Leading Louisiana. Impacting the World.

From the Original Charter of Louisiana State University and A&M College Adopted May 19, 1877

LSU’s latest strategic plan is a contemporary interpretation of the university’s original charter penned 140 years ago by former President David F. Boyd.

“Be it further enacted Etc; that the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, as hereinbefore created, shall have for its object to become an institution of learning in its broadest and highest sense, where literature, science, and all the arts may be taught; where the principles of truth and honor may be established and a noble sense of personal and patriotic and religious duty inculcated; in fine, to fit the citizen to perform justly, skillfully, and magnanimously all the offices both private and public of peace and war.”

LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Leading Louisiana. Impacting the World.

LSU has an obligation to serve our state through discovery, diversity, engagement, and learning, which in turn serves a broader national and global purpose. As Louisiana’s flagship research university, LSU has developed a new strategic plan to solve global challenges acute to Louisiana through cutting-edge research, while graduating future leaders equipped with the ability, skills, and desire to make positive contributions to the world.

Download the LSU 2025 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Download the Statewide Strategic Plan (PDF)