Emotional Support Dog Fund


About the Fund

Increasing student access to owning emotional support dogs.

LSU basketball player Wayde Sims was tragically killed in 2018. We remember Wayde’s competitive fire, his love of family and LSU, and his very special bond with Buddha, Wayde’s “four-legged son” and his Emotional Support Dog.

Wayde Sims’ family created the Wayde Forever 44 Fund to help LSU students living on campus with the fees and costs associated with owning an Emotional Support Dog. 

students in quad

Funds are used toward these Emotional Support Dog needs:

  • Adoption fees
  • Annual exams and vaccinations
  • Boarding for travel
  • Medical emergency
  • Food and supplies
  • Monthly preventative care
  • Training and behavioral assistance

Questions? Contact studentaffairs@lsu.edu or Molly McCann at 225-578-4850.


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