Welcome to Louisiana State University

Dear International Students,

On behalf of the board, we would like to welcome you to Internatinal Student Association (ISA) of LSU. The main goal of ISA is to promote the well-being of international students, to promote better friendship, interaction, and understanding among international students, between international students and other groups at LSU and the wider Baton Rouge community.

Currently, ISA organized various programs and activities to achieve our goals, including social activities like International Fusion which include cultural music, dance and exhibition in which we brought our students from more over 100 countries together. We also host International Sport Tournament, Tailgate parties in the Fall semester, Welcome Back Parties and International Education Week. Through these events, ISA promotes understanding between our international community and the larger Baton Rouge community. We also solved practical issues like an improved health insurance plan and Scholarships for our international students.

We have always bore the well-being of international students in our mind, and will continue working deligently on it in this coming year. ISA is like a home for all international students, thereby we sincerely invite you to join us in our programs! Your attention, support and involvement will be very important for us.

Looking forward to meeting you all,
ISA Board Members.