Help for Respondents (Accused)

If an individual seeks disciplinary action against you or is pursuing a formal complaint alleging sexual discrimination or harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, the Title IX coordinator will meet with you to outline next steps.

What are my rights as an accused individual?
Accused students and employees have certain rights, which include the right to written notice of the allegations; the right to provide relevant information and evidence and names of relevant witnesses as part of the investigation; the right to request or be granted a hearing; right to an advisor which, which must be provided by the institution if the party does not have an advisor; rights associated with the hearing; the right to a written and timely decision, outlining the results of the investigation explaining the basis of the conclusion, and outlining the proper course of an appeal. Lastly, you have the right to appeal the outcome. For more information, contact LSU's Title IX coordinator.

If I’ve been accused, should I hire an attorney?
The choice of whether to hire an attorney is a personal one. The role of attorneys in disciplinary proceedings is addressed in applicable policies and varies from the attorney serving only as an advisor to the attorney serving as a representative. Contact the Title IX coordinator's office for additional information.

Resources at LSU

Office of the Title IX Coordinator
LSU Mental Health and Counseling Services
Student Advocacy & Accountability

Off-campus Resources

Louisiana State Bar Association - Lawyer Referral