The academics subcommittee has created an Institutional humanitarian standard--something akin to a "commitment to community" for faculty and staff.  This document, which will be sent to every prospective applicant for employment, represents internally and externally the expectation that every member of our professional community takes responsibility for making the campus maximally inclusive and welcoming. 

This subcommittee has also created an inclusion advocacy statement and teaching philosophy that is part of the required materials submitted by applicants for faculty positions, to telegraph from the start that every prospective faculty member should be prepared to contribute to the work of the university, including in the classroom, in mentoring and advising, and in every form of teaching method/delivery.

An Inclusion Advocate certificate is in development for undergraduate students and will require participation in a three-class structure, outreach and community action, and a final project.

A faculty committee has been established to discuss and establish a required core curriculum for undergraduate students in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Chris Barrett
  • Matt Lee
  • Anna Bartel
  • Gideon Adeyamo
  • Troy Blanchard
  • Rockia Harris
  • Walt Holliday
  • Joan King
  • Kwado Poku-Agyemang
  • Rob Stuart
  • Alexandera Thackaberry
  • Clovier Torry
  • Carol Wicks
  • Sonja Wiley
  • Petra Robinson
  • Erin McKinley
  • Jessica Aslin
  • Stephen Finley
  • Cassandra Chaney
  • Lori Martin
  • Helen Regis
  • Shannon Welsh
  • Jas Sullivan
  • John Miles
  • Cat Jacquet