Faculty Recruiting and Retention

Currently, a small number of professionals are doing disproportionately larger amounts of student mentoring and advising.  Tenure and promotion standards have been revisited to account for the service overloads many faculty from underrepresented communities do.

The role of student evaluations in tenure and promotion materials has also been revisited, knowing that it is well-documented that evaluations of women faculty and faculty of color are subject to discriminatory comments and ratings from students.

In order to increase the number of faculty and staff from underrepresented communities in every academic area, with special attention to increasing their number including through pipeline building, mentoring at every stage, retention, promotion, encouraging and celebrating their community engagement, and retiring those professionals in ways that maintain their connection to the LSU community, the Faculty Recruiting and Retention committee is working to increase diversity awareness among search committee members through professional development, bias awareness training, and identifying/training all faculty in how to advocate for and consider diversity hires.

A trained Diversity Advocate is on each search committee and a guidebook and appropriate materials for search committee members focused on diversity and inclusion during the search process have been developed and implemented.

Committee Members

  • Jinx Broussard
  • Kate Bui
  • Jane Cassidy
  • Mallory Danzy
  • Chris D'Elia
  • Marwa Hassan
  • Trey Jones
  • Jaimee Pangburn
  • Isiah Washington
  • Maribel Dietz
  • Niki Norton
  • Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy
  • Sonja Wiley
  • Petra Robinson
  • Melissa Crawford