Physical Environment

In order to assess and, as needed accelerate current plans to remediate existing structures and campus environments for compliance with state and federal accessibility laws, the Physical Environment subcommittee has developed an LSU ADA Compliance Plan that sets the standards needed for hiring a team of consultants to produce a Comprehensive and Strategic ADA Transition Plan.

Stakeholders have been chosen and will assess existing protocols for ensuring inclusive architectural/design principles are prioritized throughout the process once the transition plan is in place.

A committee has been convened to study and make recommendations regarding space, location, and cost plans for the creation of LGBTQ+ and LatinX Centers on campus. This committee has also developed protocols and recommendations for the identification of additional spaces on campus for students from additional backgrounds.

Committee Members

  • Ben Cornwell
  • Tony Lombardo
  • Emily Smith
  • Hannah Barrios
  • Melissa Crawford
  • Fabio Del Piero
  • Sheara Jennings
  • Tyler Kearney
  • Don Lawhorn
  • Bill Mattera
  • Johanna Posada
  • Matthew Smith
  • Jim Spencer
  • Carol Thomas
  • Clovier Terry
  • Alkis Tsolakis
  • Judy Wornat