Student Health and Wellness

In recognizing a need for health care providers’ demographics to reflect those of the LSU student body, the Student Health and Wellness committee has worked with the LSU Student Health Center to engage in targeted recruitment through organizations and listservs that result in a candidate pool that reflects the demographics of students we serve. 

Hiring decisions now prioritize education, skill, experience, and diversity. The Student Health Center continues to fill positions with diversity as a priority. Currently, an interdisciplinary search committee is interviewing candidates from diverse backgrounds for therapist positions in Mental Health Service,

a social worker was recently hired with expertise in eating disorders and will be in integral part of the Eating Disorders Treatment Team (EDTT), and WAE providers, nurses, and medical assistants were hired that increase the diversity of the staff.

The Student Health and Wellness committee has audited current practices for inclusion and diversity education and training for faculty by academic college including: student privacy, disability accommodations, and sexual assault prevention.

In an effort to improve sexual violence education and communication of resources to underrepresented populations, the committee has assessed resource understanding related to sexual violence with students of color, international students, LGBTQ+ students, and students with a disability. This information has provided context for strategic communication for underrepresented student spaces (LSU Clarence L. Barney, Jr. African American Cultural Center, LSU Women’s Center, LSU Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.) regarding sexual violence resources.

The Student Health Center will develop partnerships with key student groups of underrepresented student-serving organizations (Black Women’s Empowerment Initiative, Black Male Leadership Initiative, Spectrum, Qroma, NAACP, Black Student Athlete Advisory Board, etc.) to improve access to the sexual violence resources available.

Committee Members

  • Joel Baines
  • Kiemi Brown-Rivers
  • Stone Cox
  • Julie Hupperich
  • Alaysia Johnson
  • Lee Lockridge
  • Shelly Mullenix
  • LaKeitha Poole
  • Bart Thompson
  • Kelvin Jones
  • Sharon Lewis
  • Jeremiah Shinn
  • Emily Hester
  • Gina Eubanks