Antonieta Guerrero-Plata

Antonieta Guerrero-Plata

Associate Professor

Department of Pathobiological Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



Post-doctoral Fellowship, The University of Texas Medical Branch

PhD, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2001

MSc, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1997

BSc, Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, 1993

Research Interest

Host immune response to human respiratory viruses (RSV, HMPV, IAV)  

Viral immunology focused on innate immunity, myeloid cells in the respiratory tract

Molecular and cellular mechanisms by which environmental factors alter the frequency and severity of respiratory viral infections

Teaching Interest

Advanced Immunology

Advanced Virology 

Awards & Honors

2019, AAI Laboratory Travel Grant

2019, Distinguished Dissertation Honorable Mention (Student: NR Cheemarla), LSU Main Campus

2019, Best Dissertation Award (Student: NR Cheemarla) LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

2018, AAI Laboratory Travel Grant

2016, AAI Laboratory Travel Grant

2015, AAI Laboratory Travel Grant

2013, AAI-Young Investigator Travel Grant- International Congress of Immunology

2012, Carl Storm Fellowship-Gordon Research Conferences

2012, Keystone Symposia Early Career Investigator Travel Award

2008, AAI-Junior Faculty Travel Grant

2008, ASV-International Congress of Virology Travel Grant

2007, AAI-Junior Faculty Travel Award

2007, ASV-Medical Virology Travel Grant

2006, AAI-Huang Foundation Trainee Achievement Award

2005, ATS-Minority Trainee Travel Award

2004, Poster Award Winner-UTMB

2002, James W. McLaughlin Fellowship-UTMB

1998, Medal Alfonso Caso-UNAM

1998 Scholarship to Distinguished Students to Study Abroad-Fundacion UNAM

1997 Scholarship for PhD students-CONACyT

1997 Scholarship for PhD Students-UNAM

1995 Scholarship "Early Starting in Teaching and Research"-UNAM

1994 Scholarship for MSc students-CONACyT 


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Human Metapneumovirus Induces Mucin 19 Which Contributes to Viral Pathogenesis, McBride, Kaitlin; Banos-Lara, MDR; Cheemarla, Nagarjuna; Guerrero-Plata, M, 2020, Pathogens , Volume: 9, Number: 9, Pages: 1-12.

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Neutrophils Regulate the Lung Inflammatory Response via gdT Cell Infiltration in an Experimental Mouse Model of Human Metapneumovirus Infection, Cheemarla, Nagarjuna; Banos-Lara, Rocio; Naidu, Shan; Guerrero-Plata, M, 2017, Journal of Leukocyte Biology , Volume: 101, Number: 16, Pages: 1383-1392.

Immune Response to Human Metapneumovirus: What we have learned from the Mouse Model, Cheemarla, Nagarjuna; Guerrero-Plata, M, 2015, Pathogens , Volume: 4, Number: 3, Pages: 682-696.  

Grant Funding

1P20 GM135000-01A1 (Cardin/Francis), 07/01/2021 – 06/30/2026, NIH/NIGMS Center for Pre-clinical Cancer Research (CPCCR), Role: MBIP Core Co-I

CORP Project (Guerrero-Plata), 07/01/2020 – 06/30/2021, SVM Competitive Organized Research Program (CORP), LSU, Role: PI

P20 GM130555 (Jeyaseelan), 07/01/2019 – 03/01/2020, NIH/NIAID Center for Lung Biology and Disease, Role: Project leader

Diplomate Clinical Research Grant (Leise), 05/01/2019 – 04/30/2020, American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation, Role: Co-I

Clinical Innovator Award (Guerrero-Plata), 07/01/2015 – 06/30/2019, Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Role: PI

P30 GM110760 (Cardin), 05/01/2017 – 04/30/2019, NIH/NIAID Molecular Immunopathology Core, Role: Core Director

P30 GM110760 (Kousoulas), 05/01/2017 – 04/30/2018, NIH/NIAID Center for Experimental Disease Research (CEIDR), Role: Project Leader

AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship (Guerrero-Plata), 09/01/2015 – 08/30/2016, The American Association of Immunologists, Role: PI