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Engaged Citizen Program 

The Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership (CCELL), in conjunction with LSU Campus Life , has established the Engaged Citizen Program, which seeks to support and recognize the accomplishments of undergraduate students who engage significantly with their communities to address critical community needs.

Any undergraduate student can apply to be a part of the Engaged Citizens Program—it is not limited by school or discipline. 

The Engaged Citizen Program will not host an in-person Fall 2023 commencement ceremony; however, you can join us on our Facebook and Instagram to celebrate our graduate's commitment to community.


Students who wish to earn Engaged Citizen honors must complete the following requirements as approved by CCELL or Campus Life:

  • Complete a minimum of seven credit hours of coursework designated as service-learning by CCELL.
    • Register for service-learning sections of general education courses such as ENGL 1001, ENGL 2000, and CHEM 1201.
    • Create your own service-learning experience within any course, pending instructor and CCELL approval.
    • Take service-learning sections of courses in your major or minor field of study.
    • View list of service-learning courses offered every semester.
  • Perform a minimum of 100 approved hours of community service.
    • Engage with pre-approved Campus Life service organizations such as Geaux Big Baton Rouge, Kitchens on the Geaux, and Volunteer LSU.
    • Collaborate with CCELL and Campus Life to find service opportunities that connect your passions to your major/field of study.
    • Upload your service hours for verification on TigerLink, under the LSU Engaged Citizen Program.
  • Turn in a reflective paper detailing your service experience.
    • Document what you've learned about the community and yourself as an Engaged Citizen.
    • Connect your work to LSU's Commitment to Community.
    • Get feedback on your drafts by submitting your work to CCELL staff before the deadline.
    • Review our essay help resources on ECP's TigerLink.

Ready to register for the program? Join the Engaged Citizens Program on TigerLink, fill out the program application, and one of our team members will contact you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.