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Energy Services

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Bryan Andries



Curtis Gremillion

Facility Manager B – Powerhouse



The primary function of the LSU Energy Services department is to ensure that the University manages its utilities as effectively as possible. 

Our objective is to efficiently manage the University’s energy use, while maintaining a quality environment that is conducive to education, research and service.  Performance goals are established that reduce the consumption of energy and promote continuous improvement in energy efficiency.   

Primary functions of the Energy Services department include:

  • Promote energy management program with students, faculty, and staff;.
  • Implement various energy reduction projects;
  • Develop long term energy strategies that lessen the impact that energy consumption has on the University; both financially and environmentally;
  • Monitor building systems to ensure efficient operation;
  • Provide technical review of campus construction projects to ensure energy efficiency;
  • Review building occupancy patterns and develop schedules;
  • Act as a liaison to the utility supply companies;
  • Collect, analyze, and report energy data.