Residence Hall and Apartment Safety

Each hall on the LSU campus is equipped with a swipe card system that enhances the safety and security of the community. A resident must swipe their Tiger Card in order to make entry into the hall. There are several cameras situated throughout each hall as well. 

Safety Tips for hall/apartment/residence:

  • DO NOT allow someone that you don't know to enter with you. 
  • Never let unauthorized persons come into your room or enter residence halls.
  • If you meet someone online or on social media, use caution with inviting them to your residence. It is better to meet new people with a group of friends or others for your safety. 
  • Never prop open doors. Never share your Tiger Card.
  • Keep your door(s) locked at all times. 
  • Never leave keys outside of your room or apartment. 
  • Close blinds/curtains after dark. 
  • Report suspicious activity to LSU Police immediately by dialing 911!

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