Kenneth J. Schafer Honored as Boyd Professor, LSU's Highest Professorial Ranking

September 08, 2023

Kenneth J. Schafer portrait

Kenneth J. Schafer

Kenneth J. Schafer, Ball Family Distinguished Professor in Physics & Astronomy, has been named the 79th Boyd Professor at LSU since the honorific was established in 1953. 

On Friday, Sept. 8, the LSU Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to honor Schafer with the highest and most prestigious academic rank at LSU.

“Dr. Schafer embodies the meaning of Scholarship First, a champion in academics and a pioneer of scientific achievement, it is an honor to recognize him as the newest Boyd Professor,” said LSU President William F. Tate IV.

Schafer joined the LSU physics department in 1995 as a promising scientist and has long served as a leading researcher and pioneer in ultrafast laser and X-ray physics.

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