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LSU Baton Rouge campuses grants & contracts in FY22

- of $369M for LSU statewide


Centers & Institutes

- to help facilitate advanced interdisciplinary research


NSF CAREER Awards in FY23

- National Science Foundation

Research Highlights

Delve into remarkable advances in coastal and energy research, historic achievements in research activity and patenting, and just a little bit of mystery.

Wound healing technology made from trees and new patents: One for gummy ball baits to put the wild pig pandemic on snooze, and one for water-powered lights to make it easier to grow algae, which can be used to make biofuels and biodegradable plastics.

We share stories on recent advances in cancer research, spectacularly colorful yet secretive marsh birds, and how it matters more in the workplace how big you feel versus how big you are—and more.

Working for Louisiana

It’s cybersecurity awareness month and LSU is on the frontier of the fight against cyberattacks on schools, state and local government, our military, critical infrastructure, industry and small businesses and residents across Louisiana, all while becoming the best in educating cyber talent.

LSU is a talent development engine for Louisiana. Meet seven LSU alumni who are leaders and innovators in their fields and changing lives throughout the state.

LSU turns investment into value for our students and our state. On the one-year mark since the launch of our Scholarship First Agenda, read about how LSU protects residents from storms and rising insurance costs, secures higher education against cyberattacks, and elevates Louisiana’s energy transition. All across the state, LSU is partnering for public good.

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