LSU Energy Innovation ‘Engine’ Highlighted in Science

July 18, 2023

Science magazine coverIn its current issue, Science magazine highlights how the statewide, LSU-led team of universities, community and technical colleges, agencies and industry is a semifinalist for a $160-million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant—the largest the agency has ever awarded.

The grants, known as Engines, are designed to broaden the NSF’s focus from fundamental research to commercialization, turning discoveries into high-tech industries and jobs. The Louisiana team’s goal is to support energy transition and decarbonization through technology and talent development across the state’s industrial corridor.

“If we can figure out a cheap energy source, whether that’s solar, nuclear or wind, and then find a way to use its energy to transport and sequester our greenhouse gas emissions, we can essentially still be home to a very hydrocarbon-intense industry,” Andy Maas, LSU associate vice president for research (Innovation & Ecosystem Development) and team leader, told

The Engines grant application is part of LSU’s Scholarship First agenda and its focus on creating sustainable solutions for the future of the energy industry.

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