LSU Mechanical Engineering’s Gartia Receives Nearly $2M National Institutes of Health Award

August 31, 2023

Headshot of Professor Manas GartiaLSU Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Manas Gartia is the first LSU Engineering faculty to receive the NIH MIRA R35 award. The $1.875 million grant will help him to develop spatial lipidomic techniques and investigate lipid-driven cell death in drug-resistant cancer.

“Cell death is a crucial physiological process,” Gartia said. “The resistance of cancer cells to therapeutic drugs is a significant barrier to successful cancer treatment and the primary factor in cancer recurrence. Activation of novel cell death pathways would re-sensitize drug-resistant cells to chemotherapy.” 

Gartia's project is just one of the many ongoing projects by LSU faculty in the field of biomedicine that will one day benefit the people of Louisiana and beyond.