LSUS Alumni Create Medical Coding Chatbot to Reduce Time, Improve Accuracy

August 18, 2023

ChatBotPCA screenshot showing medical coding related to heart failure

The medical coding chatbot responds to queries from medical professionals, referencing a list of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes related to the query. Housed on a Discord server, the chatbot produces of list of ICD codes for the query “heart failure” in this example. 

– Photo courtesy of LSUS

LSU Shreveport alumni Phillip Kilgore and Keyvan Shahrdar have developed a chatbot tool that uses artificial intelligence to help medical professionals reduce time spent on medical coding while improving accuracy.

“With this tool, you can describe the symptoms, and the bot will produce a list of codes that are related to what you’re describing," said Kilgore, a machine learning expert and a former LSUS computer science instructor. "Our goal with this software is to provide a reliable tool that enables medical professionals to rapidly access accurate ICD codes, freeing up more time for patient care."

Shahrdar, an LSUS computer science instructor and CEO of Shahrdar Enterprises, said the intersection of technology and healthcare can lead to improved health outcomes while inspiring students and researchers to explore more innovative applications of AI in healthcare.