LSU Researcher Receives NIH Grant for Work on Safer, More Effective MRI Imaging

August 23, 2023

Jimmy Lawrence supervisers a student in an LSU labAn LSU Chemical Engineering assistant professor seeking to make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safer and more effective has received a major boost to his work in the form of a nearly $2 million National Institutes of Health grant.

Jimmy Lawrence’s work may enable patients to benefit from metal-free MRI contrast agents that are safer, more reliable, and chemically versatile, enhancing health providers' ability to diagnose and monitor issues.

“For patients with renal diseases, pregnant women, and small children, this could translate to reduced risk during MRI scans,” Lawrence said. “For the broader patient population, it can lead to improved accuracy in diagnosis and potentially lower healthcare costs."

With this and other such grants, Lawrence said his team and others at LSU are helping to shape the future of healthcare.

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