Cullen Williamson

Coordinator, Facility Operations

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As a student, I learned the importance of UREC for students and am glad that I can be a part of the team that keeps it running. I enjoy this line of work because I love creative problem-solving and helping others. Before the UREC, I worked at the PMAC and loved my time working in facilities, so I am glad I get to continue!


I enjoy this line of work because I love creative problem-solving.

Interesting Fact 

My Dad is a retired Marine, so I grew up all over the world! Some of the highlights are Okinawa, Japan, Costa Rica, and Oahu, Hawaii. 

Some Of My Favorites

In my free time I love watching TV and movies, along with playing video games. My favorites (respectively) are Band of Brothers, Django Unchained, and the Persona games! 

Best Thing I Was Ever Told...

If you are going to take the time to do something, do it right. I’d rather mess up while giving 100% effort and be able to learn from it. 


BS, Louisiana State University 

Contact Cullen
(225) 578-8323
102 Student Recreation Complex