Steven Knecht

Assistant Director, Sport and Camp Programs

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I choose this career, so I can help the students thrive and reach their goals just as my mentors have done for me. I want to help students along their journeys to improve themselves with their careers, their preparedness, and their character. Whatever my students want to do, I hope I can help them do it. 

I want to help students thrive.  ~Steven




Laughter is the Best Medicine

My grandfather taught me that if you can make one person laugh, then you can make their day better. I followed in my Grandad’s footsteps and continue to share the best “Dad Jokes” around. 

Favorite Shows

My 3 favorite shows of all time are The Office, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (not Season 8).

Best Advice

There is a solution to every single problem, but you must possess the courage and desire to find it. 


BS, University of Southern Mississippi 
MS, Mississippi State University 

Contact Steven
(225) 578-4110
102 Student Recreation Complex