By partnering with Louisiana communities, LSU works to improve lives across the state.

Helena Ellis

Turning LSUA STEM Majors into STEM Teachers in Central Louisiana High Schools

In a historic win for LSU of Alexandria (LSUA) and career prospects in central Louisiana, a collaborative faculty team has received $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation to help LSUA students become highly effective biology, chemistry, and math teachers in high-need high schools after they graduate.

Andrew Hundley

LSU Helps Louisiana Decrease Incarceration, Increase Workforce, Save >$150 Million Annually

LSU has helped lower the Louisiana prison population by almost one-fourth in three years.

Felicity Carrier

LSU Eunice Identified as Key Driver of Workforce and Entrepreneur Development in Rural Communities

Achieving the Dream, a nationwide network of more than 300 community colleges, has selected seven schools it regards as “workforce and economic development engines” in rural communities. Felicity Carrier is an LSU Eunice entrepreneur.

Sara Toal

LSU AgCenter’s FFA Youth Organization Laid Groundwork for Careers in Medicine

Formerly known as Future Farmers of America, the FFA program prepares members for leadership and careers in science, business, and agricultural technology.

Sensation salad dressing

Supporting Local Food Entrepreneurs

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit and hurricanes Laura and Delta then devastated culinary businesses in the southwestern part of the state, the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator in Baton Rouge quickly increased their number of tenants.

Paul Coreil’s Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Recipes: A Taste of Louisiana

Enjoy some tasty recipes based on Louisiana ingredients from LSU researchers across the state.

Denise Mayon and children at the J.S. Aucoin Elementary School in Amelia, Louisiana

For Healthy Communities, Knowledge Isn’t Enough

Through the Healthy Communities initiative, LSU AgCenter extension agents are on the ground in every Louisiana parish inviting residents to decide for themselves how to best lower obesity rates where they live.

Buddy system

Solving the Obesity Crisis

In a new study, obese patients who “buddied up” with a health coach from within their own communities lost 10 times more weight than patients who received regular care.

Dr. Jennifer Singh and her team

LSU Health Shreveport’s Mobile COVID-19 Team Gives Thousands Direct Access to Testing

Since April, mobile COVID-19 testing vans have been going back and forth from the new Emerging Viral Threat (EVT) Lab at LSU Health Shreveport to small towns and rural parishes all across northern Louisiana.

Student-developed tracking app

LSU Delivers Student-Developed Tracking Application to Louisiana National Guard

Students and staff at the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (SDMI) have developed a phone-based tracking system for critical commodities and people traveling across the state with support from the Louisiana National Guard.

Animated training video detail

LSU Trains 24,941 First Responders in Louisiana

The LSU National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counter-Terrorism (NCBRT/ACE) has helped Louisiana, the U.S., as well as other countries in the world tackle large societal challenges, including biological and viral threats, for almost 30 years.

PPE production in the PMAC

LSU-Industry Partnership Develops New Designs, Turns PMAC into PPE Manufacturing Operation

Through the support of more than a dozen local business partners and about 100 faculty and staff, the manufacturing effort for personal protective equipment inside LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center, or PMAC, created more than 20,000 protective gowns, 10,000 face shields, and 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer in 30 days to help protect Louisiana’s healthcare professionals.

Fisherman shows off his crabs

Sea Grant Keeps Louisiana Seafood Industry Afloat

When normal supply chains for Gulf seafood began breaking with the arrival of COVID-19, Louisiana fishermen needed to reach customers in new ways to keep their boats afloat and feed their families.

River Road Testing Lab

LSU Coronavirus Testing Lab Supports 18 Louisiana Medical Facilities

The LSU River Road Testing Lab for COVID-19 that was set up in record time in March to alleviate the burden on Louisiana hospitals reached a milestone in getting test results to almost 5,000 Louisiana residents by working with 18 medical facilities and first responders across the state. It also made 8,000 test kits.

LSU Ph.D. student Anthony Mai and his advisor LSU Chemistry Chair John Pojman

LSU Chemists Help Louisiana Agencies Formulate Thousands of Gallons of Hand Sanitizer

When the Louisiana Secretary of State called looking for experts to oversee the formulation of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer to combat the coronavirus, LSU chemistry Ph.D. student Anthony Mai and his advisor, LSU Chemistry Chair John Pojman, agreed to help.