In everything we do, we bring the energy.

Solar panel installation

Designing the Best Possible Solar Cell, by Engineering a Bit of Quantum Supremacy

LSU researchers are building a quantum simulator with a gold chip to study the transport of light and figure out how to manipulate it in just the right way to be able to harvest more photons faster.

Oil drilling rigs

LSU Innovation in Enhanced Oil Recovery Could Mean Billions for Louisiana

Getting more oil out of the ground: smarter, cheaper, and in a more efficient and environmentally sound way.

Products made from petrochemicals

Transforming Carbon Dioxide Into an Industrial Resource

LSU researchers are working on alternatives to petroleum and natural gas as sources of carbon to manufacture key chemicals—in Louisiana—for products we rely on every day, such as soap and shampoo, PVC pipes, phones, polyester fabrics, and medical devices.

Fuel cell membrane

LSU Improves Fuel Cell Technology, Draws Interest from General Motors, Toyota

Fuel cell electric vehicles can be a powerful and equally green alternative to battery-driven electric vehicles—especially when those vehicles are large and have to go far, and the batteries required would get too big and heavy to be practical, such as in trucks and commercial airliners.

Illustration: two mangroves talking

The Magnificent Mangrove

Leveraging blue carbon and coastal, natural systems in Louisiana to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and clean the air.

Student at LSU PERTT

A Full-Scale Testing and Training Ground for the Petroleum Industry, on LSU’s Campus

The only one of its kind in North America, the LSU Petroleum Engineering Research & Technology Transfer (PERTT) lab is a 2.5-acre on-campus industrial-scale facility to simulate oil and gas drilling and production operations.

Port Fourchon

Securing Louisiana’s Energy Infrastructure

Building a protective cyber dome over Port Fourchon and the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, the nation’s only offshore deepwater port.