LSU develops new technologies and partners with industry and government to bring new ideas to market.

AI-generated art of a drone in a sugarcane field

LSU AgCenter Works to Give Sugarcane Farmers a Sweeter Deal Using AI, Drones

Ongoing LSU research collaborations with farmers across Louisiana is leveraging data science to grow more and better food and fiber despite great challenges.

AI-generated art of molecular speed-dating

Research Team Builds AI Cancer Drug Discovery Engine

An interdisciplinary LSU research team is using artificial intelligence, or AI, to discover personalized cures for cancer more quickly and affordably.

AI-generated art of happy robots

Robotics Broadens Access to STEM Careers in Central Louisiana

“In my 26 years as a teacher, this has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done,” said Ashley Beaubouef of J.I. Barron Elementary in Pineville, Louisiana, on coaching robotics with LSU Alexandria's mentorship and support.

AI-generated art of floating houses

LSU-Harvard Research Could Help Millions Gain Access to Credit

Less than half of all U.S. adults have access to prime credit because of their credit score. But new LSU and Harvard University research shows a lot more people could become eligible if lenders use artificial intelligence, or AI, and alternative data, such as education and employment history.

AI-generated art of a woman leaning through a smartphone screen

AI Smartphone App Helps Mentally Ill, Families, Caregivers

Through a partnership with Capital Area Human Services District, one of Louisiana’s largest behavioral health providers, LSU leverages AI technology to catch early warning signs of serious mental illness and improve treatment.

AI-generated art of data streams in water

Better Storm Surge and Flood Predictions Enabled by AI

The LSU tool to predict storm surge and flooding during severe weather events—the CERA website—serves thousands of emergency managers and first responders to help protect people and infrastructure. Now, the tool will become even smarter and faster, thanks to artificial intelligence, or AI.

AI-generated art of a garbage truck outfitted with a large camera

City of Shreveport Partners with LSUS to Improve Safety, Services Using AI

The City of Shreveport works with LSUS to develop AI-driven technology more quickly and affordably to improve city services, safety.

AI-generated art of a female silhouette

Amazon Taps LSU to Fight Obesity, Diabetes Using Smartphones and AI

Dr. Steven Heymsfield at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical is Louisiana’s only Amazon Scholar and one of the leading experts on body composition assessment in the world. He’s now collaborating with Amazon on improving their Halo Body health and wellness tracker.

AI-generated art of computers fighting with hooks

LSU Cyber Warriors Track Computer Crime with AI

Cybersecurity researchers are developing a new tool, called HookTracer, to speed up cybercrime investigations using AI.

B-52 bomber

LSU Shreveport Sparks Innovation at Barksdale Air Force Base and Beyond

Through sustained collaboration with STRIKEWERX, the innovation hub of the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, LSU Shreveport’s Cyber Collaboratory has become a key provider of expertise and innovative solutions for nearby Barksdale Air Force Base and the nation’s air defense.

Sarah Buckley

“We Deserve To Know When Our Information Isn’t Safe, or To Have Safer Information”

LSU computer science senior Sarah Buckley from Mandeville, Louisiana is training to be a cyber warrior.

Citizen health and Army health

LSU PBRC Whole-health App Supports Soldiers—and Everyone

By leveraging technology, LSU PBRC researchers are putting science in the hands of soldiers and their families—and everyone.

Ryan Maggio

LSU Cybersecurity Program Connects Students with Near-Guaranteed Jobs

The LSU Applied Cybersecurity Lab links students with industry and highly profitable careers that have direct impact on national and state security.

Joshua Ricard

LSU Shreveport Cyber Collaboratory Makes New Partners

Through partnerships between the university and Louisiana Economic Development, the City of Shreveport, local K-12 schools, the Air Force, and industry—including small businesses—students like Ricard are starting to see what it actually means to boost high-tech innovation in northwestern Louisiana.

Christine Wiley

Power Students Gain Industry Experience and Expertise in the LSU Classroom, Through Partnership With Entergy

Since 2019, LSU professors have collaborated with Entergy on shaping the university curriculum, including hands-on labs, to make sure electrical engineering graduates are competitive in the increasingly complex power engineering field.