Parking FAQs

As APIC reviews concerns, subject matter experts are invited to assist in understanding and resolving the issues, as appropriate.  The following sections provide the valuable information received thus far. 

Guest lecturers and others are frequently invited to campus. What parking options are available?

Departments may contact Parking & Transportation Services to attain a special code for visitor use, which will be direct billed to the department. The code may be used at any meter on campus.

Guest parking in the evening is particularly difficult. What options are available?

Parking and Transportation Services is happy to work with departments to accommodate their needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them for assistance at 225-578-5000.

What do I do if a lot gate is not working?

Call the number listed on the gate. Many of the mechanical issues impacting gate use can be corrected remotely and quickly.

How are road closures communicated?

Parking & Transportation Services works closely with Strategic Communications to issue notices regarding any road closures. Efforts are made to give as much advance notice as possible. In addition, messages are shared with building coordinators with an expectation to communicate to those persons within the building.

What other ways does Parking & Transportation Services communicate to the campus?

A major source of information and updates can be found via Twitter @LSUParking.