Administrative Process Improvement Committee

 The primary purpose of the Administrative Process Improvement Committee (APIC) is to provide a forum for employees to identify potential opportunities for improvement in our operational and administrative processes and procedures.

Aiming for a balanced ethical, inclusive, and simple operational process should be a frequent task when either designing or reviewing administrative processes campus-wide. Excellence in operational processes can be best achieved when systemic issues are identified, remedied, and eliminated. Some common systemic issues may include excessive checkpoints, bottlenecks in process, and the continued use of traditional practices without a present purpose or without consideration for new technologies.

Questions to Consider

  • Is the process too cumbersome?
  • Are there opportunities for streamlining?
  • Is communication of expectations clear?
  • Is education, support, and training provided?
  • Do the current processes and procedures still meet our needs?

APIC Deliverables

The Committee shall seek input from faculty and staff to help diagnose potential opportunities for improvement and to suggest possible solutions in partnership with associated units.

Submit an Administrative Process Concern

Opportunities for Operational Improvements

Examples, such as managing, organizing, planning, advertising events on campus, inviting guests

Examples, such as parking, bicycle travel, bus services, accessibility issues 

Examples, such as flow of information, use of newsletters, availability of relevant updates/changes

Examples, such as availability of equipment, rooms, ease of access

Examples, such as fire safety regulations/drills, building access restrictions, employee health concerns 

Examples, such as petitions, applications, forms, workflow of documents

Examples, such as access to guidelines or trainings, availability of support services for administrative tasks

Examples, such as making travel arrangements, help with problems during travel, reimbursement

Questions & Concerns

Administrative process concerns must be submitted via the comment form. Please direct any questions to