Finding HUB Suppliers

We are committed to assisting all departments with engaging HUB suppliers for their procurement needs. Below are instructions on how to find HUB suppliers:

  1. Search the Workday supplier database by running the Find HUB Suppliers report. This will allow you to view all suppliers with eligible certifications to qualify them as a HUB supplier in our database. Report output can be filtered by supplier group and classification for a more targeted review.
  2. Search the Explorer Search tool in the Supplier.IO database to view a nationwide list of HUB suppliers.  This tool allows you to filter by specific certifications, location, business size etc. or view all HUB suppliers in the industry for a wider pool of potential suppliers. Access to Explorer Professional now available in MyLSU (Financial Services>Supplier.IO)
  3. Search Other Online Directories to view a targeted list of HUB suppliers in their network. Many agencies allow access to their certified supplier database. See below for links to these websites.
  4. In the event a HUB supplier cannot be located in Workday, submit a HUB Supplier Request via the IT Self-Service Portal. To accurately recommend a HUB supplier that best suits the needs of the request, the web form should include as much information as possible impacting the purchase (I.E. location, timeframe, special licenses, etc.). 
  5. In the event a HUB supplier does not exist or cannot be located in this commodity, Supplier Engagement will grant a one-time waiver to proceed with the procurement process.

Other Online Directories

Additionally, Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC) features a filter for state diverse business
certifications. Search LAPAC for SEBD, SmallE (SEHI), VSE (LAVET), or DVSE (SCDVSE) businesses.

We are continuing to expand our HUB supplier database. If a department is aware of a proposed HUB supplier not in Workday, please encourage the supplier to register with LSU! The supplier may view the LSU Supplier Registration for instructions to get registered.

Rev 4/23/24